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The 2021 Miss NextGen Illinois Competition will be broken up into 4 distinct judging categories split up over a 2-day span:

1) Interview (Day 1)

2) Introduction (Night 1)

3) Theme Wear / Runway (Night 1)

4) Stage Presence / Formal Wear (Night 2)

On-stage awards and crowning ceremony will immediately follow Formal Wear competition. 



Interviews will be conducted in a private setting at Venue 720 by a panel of judges tasked with analyzing each Contestant's level of authenticity, personality, interests and willingness to serve their community.  Prior to the interview, Contestants will be required to submit a letter of intent with the purpose of explaining what they intend to do should they win a title of Miss NextGen Illinois.  Questions may revolve around small talk, current events, personal experience, etc. For example, "What do you feel is the most difficult social pressure facing teens today?"  Attire should be business casual for Teen and Miss (no jeans), and Sunday best for Jr. Miss.  

Time Limit: 3 Minutes (Jr. Miss), 4 Minutes (Teen Miss), 5 Minutes (Miss)


You never get a second chance to make a first impression!  During the introduction portion, contestants will appear from behind the video screen, walk directly to the front X and begin their introduction.  This is your opportunity to showcase your confidence, speaking ability and offer a hint to your personality and passion that will be continuously displayed throughout the weekend.  Music will be fast paced and chosen by the Promoter. Time Limit: 15 seconds


This is a free style runway modeling event. Attire should be based your personality – a movie, a genre, an artist, etc.  This is your chance to show the judges your unique style and have fun! The music will be fast and upbeat, and we supply the music. Contestants should stop at each X on the stage, strike a pose, perform an optional clockwise or counter-clockwise turnabout and/or show some personality! One (1) hand-held prop may be used in conjunction with style accessories (i.e sunglasses).  Judging will be based on personality, modeling ability and overall appearance. Time Limit: 1 minute


This is your time to shine! Contestants will do an elegant walk on the stage. The stage will be in the shape of a T crossing at the back. There will be four X’s marked on the stage. Contestants should stop at each X marked on the stage and perform an optional clockwise or counter-clockwise turnabout (No step and repeat turns) at each of the X’s. All contestants should wear a floor length evening gown. Stones are allowed on all dresses. Any dress side slits must not extend beyond 4" above the knee. A-line dresses are encouraged for the Junior Miss division, but Junior Miss Contestants must avoid Mermaid-style dresses due to age appropriateness.  2-piece dresses are allowed, with no greater than 1" bare midriff showing.  Side cutouts, deep chest V, and back cutouts are allowed in the Teen and Miss Division.  Trains, Belted-Trains, and Capes are allowed for all divisions.  Judging will be based on facial beauty, stage presence, personality and overall appeal.  Contestants are checked to make sure they are following the guidelines before they go on-stage. Music will be supplied by the Promoter.  

Time Limit: 1 minute


Group Line Up and Parade of Contestants
Each age division will come together onstage before they compete individually. They will line up across the back of the stage and smile for the judges as they score the beauty side awards. This also gives the judges a chance to access the group as a whole. A final parade of contestants will occur after all contestants have competed individually. This will be practiced during the guided on-stage walk through scheduled for Day 1.


Day 1: Thursday / September 16, 2021

3:00PM-5:00PM / Contestant Check-in and Registration
5:00PM-7:00PM / Guided On-Stage Walk Through for All Contestants

7:30PM / Fame On Fire Concert for VIP & Contestants free of charge. Contestant Families are also invited to attend with a cover charge being collected at the door.


Day 2: Friday / September 17, 2021

9:00AM-2:00PM / Contestant Interview Competition (Group A-D)

4:00PM / Gate Opens for Spectators
4:30PM / Contestant Arrival (Arrive in Theme Wear)

4:50PM / Junior Miss Contestant Line-up

5:00PM / Night 1 Program Begins


Day 3: Saturday / September 18, 2021

11:00AM / State Contestant Formal Wear Drop-Off

4:00PM / Gate Opens for Spectators

4:30PM / Contestant Arrival

4:50PM / Junior Miss Contestant Line-up

5:00PM / Night 2 Program Begins

**Pageant Directors reserve the right to modify the event schedule based on participation levels in each division.  Any schedule adjustments will be clearly communicated to each contestant with as much advanced notice as possible.



Jr. Miss 11-13 years
Teen Miss 14-17 years
Miss 18-21 years


Age is defined "as age of pageant day".  You must reside within the State of Illinois to compete in the competition with 1 proof of residency required.

A secure dressing room for contestants will be provided at each event. We will have an in-house cosmetologist, hair stylist, seamstress and wardrobe coordinator available to help all contestants with any emergency needs during the competition.  They are not available to do alterations, full makeup and/or hairdos.  Each contestant table will have power.  Non-contestants, including parents, will not be permitted in the dressing rooms.  Formal wear drop-offs will on Day 2 will begin at 11AM with only authorized staff and personnel on-site.  Dresses will be secured and delivered to each individual contestant station with all activity being monitored and recorded via video surveillance.  Video surveillance is only provided between the hours of 11AM-4PM on competition days to guard against wardrobe/attire tampering and misconduct.

Since this is an outdoor event held on the grounds of Venue 720 in Flora, IL, we will be offering General Admission seating on a first come first serve basis. Lawn chairs and personal seating are encouraged, but there will be limited bleacher seating available.  Each contestant will receive one (1) Adult Weekend Pass plus their own credential needed for stage and dressing room access.  Pricing for additional admission will be shared with contestants prior to event, with Weekend Passes being made available for purchase.  In addition to live and in-person audience, we will be airing the crowning ceremonies on a pay-per-view live stream for those who cannot make the trip.  We will share those details with the contestants prior to the event as well.

Interview, Introduction, Theme Wear (Runway), Stage Presence (Formal) Competitions, Awards Ceremony + One Admission Adult Weekend Pass: $500


6 Appointed Year-Long Pageant System Titles as follows:

  • 3 Divisional State-wide Queen Titles (Miss, Teen Miss, and Junior Miss)

  • 3 Divisional Ambassador Titles (Miss, Teen Miss, and Junior Miss)

CASH AWARDS (per Division)

Up to $3,000 to Queen

Up to $1,500 to Ambassador

Up to $1,000 to 1st Runner Up

Up to $750 to 2nd Runner Up

Up to $500 to 3rd Runner Up

Up to $250 to 4th Runner Up

SIDE AWARDS (per Division)

  1. Miss Photogenic Award

  2. Top Interview Award

  3. Judge’s Choice Theme Wear Award

  4. Judge’s Choice Formal Wear Award

  5. NextGen Directors Theme Wear Award

  6. NextGen Directors Formal Wear Award

  7. Showstopper Award

  8. Heart Award

  9. Impact Award

  10. Miss Confidence

  11. Crowd Pleaser Theme Wear

  12. Crowd Pleaser Formal Wear

  13. Overall Beauty Award

  14. First Impression Award

  15. Stage Presence Award

  16. Total Package Award

  17. People’s Choice Award

  18. Philanthropy Award

  19. Adversity Award

  20. Legacy Choice Award


This should be a head shot in either black and white or full color. You will upload your photo to Dropbox with a link we will send you along with your registration information packet. Your full name and division will be the file name (i.e. Jane_Smith_Teen.jpg). Photos may be lightly retouched, cropped and/or have lighting adjusted. NO “GLITZ” PHOTOS PLEASE. Judging will be based on personality projection, facial beauty, overall appeal, quality, and clarity.

Photogenic Head Shots must be submitted by 11:59PM on September 1, 2021 in order to be considered for the Miss Photogenic Award. Any entries submitted after the deadline will be included in the event program, however, they will not be considered for judging purposes.

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